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One of the beauties in living at Hamilton Homes is the wide range of amenities and features that you will enjoy. In fact, in this community, you will hardly see the need to go and look for fun somewhere else with your family because it is all under one roof. Your children will feel accommodated here and same to adults and senior citizens. 

Duraville Realty and Development Corporation had a clear focus of a homely environment when they came up with this development. 

Starting from the entrance gate, you will marvel at the artistic finish and ingenuity that went into the decoration and planning of this space. The gate is strictly under lock and key so as to monitor and control the flow of traffic in and out of Hamilton Homes. With security being a very important factor in any residential area, Hamilton Homes doesn’t take that lightly. The gate is manned 24/7 and there is a detailed identification process to ensure people coming in are of goodwill. 

The clubhouse is the center of activity both during week days and weekends. Living in Hamilton Homes is akin to living in a modern area that is well knitted with nature. The clubhouse has a lot going in it. Some members of this community use it for their gatherings while others have book clubs right here. If you want to catch up with a friend or family member, you can walk in here any time and have your space over a cup of tea. The clubhouse also has gym facilities to ensure that you stay fit and healthy. 

Who doesn’t want to dip into the swimming pool during sunny days and just have fun in the water? Hamilton Homes has a swimming pool on site so that you can swim as part of your leisure and bask on the sun beds around. 

The basketball court is done with quality materials and the surface has clear markings. Such is the quality of finishing that this developer is known for. You can come here and practice with a friend or as part of a team. Alternatively, it can be one of the places you just walk to and watch others play. Whatever it is, Hamilton Homes has everything you need for a quality and active life. 

The power distribution system at Hamilton Homes is done in such a way that power is evenly distributed to all homes. The reliability that comes with dedicated lines of power is what residents here enjoy. Apart from that, the development has solar harvesting facility and a backup generator just to give you that assurance that power is not an issue here. The underground drainage system ensures that all waste water is properly channeled to the various recycling points and areas of disposal. You will never see any open sewers here and surface runoffs are well channeled to prevent flooding.

  • Entrance Gate
  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Underground Drainage system
  • Meralco electrical system
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